Important Announcement: Popcorn Pictures is Moving House!

Hello to anyone out there still reading/receiving updates to this blog. I have decided to merge Popcorn Pictures in with my book blog at The Book Coop seeing as my activity here is a little sparse and so it seems a little pointless to maintain two blogs rather than just expanding the one I originally started and am most active on.

I confess I’m not the best blogger (books or films) as I am a rather quiet person and tend to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself – most of the time. I only decided to have a separate film blog because I like keeping certain things apart. I wanted my book blog to be about books, but now that it has turned into a “ramble about running” blog in the last year the division between books and other things has lessened.

So, random readers – all film reviews will now be posted in The Book Coop. If you’re still interested, please follow me over there.

Thanks so much to all of you who have read my film reviews  and I hope to see you again in a different setting!


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